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What to Do if Your Computer Slows Down

November 11, 2010

Computer problems are normally caused by poor maintenance of computer systems.  It’s a result of not paying attention to the things that a computer also needs. Having computer problems would surely affect your productivity as a computer user.  Here are some tips for a blissful computing experience for a longer time.

1.       Always have trusted anti-virus software installed on your computer.

  • Computer problems normally start when a single virus enters your computer. From there it will open all the doors for other problems that will surely get into your nerves.  Select only one antivirus software, since having more than 1 antivirus program would drastically slow down your computer.  If you are on a budget, you can use free antivirus software that is still dependable when it comes to computer security against viruses.  I would personally recommend AVIRA- Free Edition and also the free edition of AVG software.

2.       Un-install any software that are not useful anymore

  • Computer users are fund of downloading software that they found very interesting on the internet. Installing it on their computer and trying all its functionalities for a period of time. Eventually when this software is not needed anymore, we always forget to delete it on our system. This unused software would still take some space on our hard disk and even take some of the resources in our memory. Deleting this unused software would also give us much greater space for important files on our computer.

3.       Install only one Utility software.

  • Utility software is a kind of software that is intended to optimize and maintain a computer. Almost all the things needed for a computer to function like brand new can be found on this software. Knowing the fact that this software can do well to our computer makes us tempted on installing more than one kind of this software. It would take up much of our computer resources resulting to slow computer performance. Here is a link for some best utility software for you.

Observing these simple reminders would surely make your computer experience a more convenient and productive one.

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