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Simple Way to Address Global Warming

November 9, 2010

Global Warming is a major problem today that needs all of our attention. Others may not feel its effect today, but studies show that its effect is getting worst. If we will not take action now, maybe, by the time that we start to address this problem, it might be too late for us.

It has been a long time since my teacher in college opened my eyes on the effects of Global Warming. We watched a video on the effects on Global Warning and a short talk followed. I was moved by the sincerity that I saw in my teacher’s words and actions.

From that time on, I guess the best thing that i have done since then was “walking instead of riding transportation vehicles”. It is a fact that almost all people today are in a hurry that they ride cars or any transportation vehicle even if the place where they are going is just near. Others are just becoming too lazy to walk a few kilometers. Even our teacher that time made it a practice to lessen the use of his car. I personally saw it with my own eyes. We are all aware of the effects of the smokes being emitted by vehicles, it adds to our global warming problems. Maybe this is just a simple task but it would be something that everyone should look into. Aside from helping in our global warming problems, walking also gives us a lot of benefits like being a form of exercise and saving fuels(if you own a car). Until now, i am doing this not only for my own good, but also as a sign of showing that I value Mother Earth and everyone that is in it, including YOU! How about doing some simply actions now, actions that will showcase your love for mother Earth.

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